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Neophyte has big plans for 2014. We are expanding our catalogue and signing up new artists. One of the difficulties we have had in negotiations with new artists is our firm commitment to the Creative Commons model of copyright. "CC" means that our music is free to download and share but we still retain some important rights (such as an ability to refuse the use of our music by organisations we do not support, or the right to licence our music for commercial use).

We are now considering a "Pay what you want model" for certain releases. This means that you can choose to purchase an album for a fee that you decide, with a zero sum being a perfectly acceptable option. We are working on a new website for this purpose - and will probably go with paypal as our collecting service. Any money received will be used to cover our server costs, to invest in better printed artwork, to seed fund new artists and to cover other travel and subsistence costs. No profits will accrue to purchase an apartment in Monte Carlo.

We are hiring!

If you are interested in releasing your music or art on Neophyte Recordings, please get in touch with us via Facebook or at (for the moment). Link us up to your demos or complete work. Here is the deal: You propose the release, you propose the artwork. We will complete the artwork to conform to house style. We will distribute your release. Financial Deal: The split is 100% of any monies paid go to you, 0% goes to Neophyte Recordings. You may wish to contribute some costs back to us - but we leave that with you and your conscience. Also, we don't do written contracts just an agreement between friends in the tradition of Saint Tony Wilson. Any deal is non-exclusive - you can find other ways of getting your music out at the same time as having a release on Neophyte. We would advise against it, for clarity's sake, but it is and remains your music to do with what you will.

Also we won't put out shit and we will retain the right to define what shit is. Thanks.

We are also looking for a small group of graphic designers to work with us on album covers and associated content. This will be on a per-job commission basis. If you think you could work within our house style please let us see some of your work and email us on and let us know what you would charge for a sleeve, insert and poster set. You can retain rights to your work but we don't know how that will pan out if something goes very big.

VIDEO ARTISTS: We really need your help to make some of our music visual - from single tracks or more extended projects. We can only pay you biscuits and love. Contact us if you like biscuits.

Release schedule 2014

It's very vague at the moment.

See you in 2014!

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas and new year. we will see you all soon.

The Neophyte Team.